Do parents and children have different rights to managing the account?

Family Orbit was designed to provide parental control. The same app will work for parents and for children; however, the app will behave differently for each account type. A member who creates a family is automatically designated as an adult member, and he or she can invite other members and give them the rights of Adult or Child, as appropriate.

Child Account

Child account rights:

  • Send Check-Ins
  • Send Panic Alerts
  • Send Pick-Up requests
  • Send messages to family members
  • Share photos on the family timeline
  • Complete Tasks and claim rewards
  • View current location of parents if allowed
  • Child account cannot invite any type of member.

A child account cannot:

  • Turn off sharing location information from inside the app,
  • Change their account settings and logging preferences,
  • See Location History, Address Book, photos of other members,
  • Get speed alerts for any family members,
  • Set up Geo-fences,
  • Set up Speed Alerts,
  • Delete their own, or others, accounts

Parent Account

All adult members have exclusive rights to the privacy and settings of their family account. At any time, adult members can choose to “Go Invisible”, and their location and other content will stop being shared with rest of the family. Parents can set up Geo-fences, Speed Alerts, and alter the settings of child accounts, like turning photos and contacts monitoring on or off.

A Parent account has following rights:

  • Monitor photos, contacts and location history and other activities of children,
  • Choose to share their location or other data with other members,
  • Go Invisible, and stop sharing contents anytime,
  • Set up Geo-Fences and Speed Alerts,
  • Setup filtering and blocking,
  • Setup time restrictions and lock child devices,
  • Delete their own and their child’s accounts,
  • Create Tasks
  • Approve Tasks


Adult accounts can:

  • View current location of all family members,
  • View location history of children, and other family members who are sharing it,
  • View Geo-fence notifications,
  • View Speed Alerts notifications,
  • View photos taken on a child’s phone,
  • View address book of a child’s phone,
  • Send Check-Ins,
  • Send Panic Alerts,
  • Send messages to any or all family members,
  • Share photos on family timeline,
  • Invite other family members with Adult or Child account types.


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